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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rain ~ Earthquake ~ Joanie ~ Cat & Ducklings ~ Eagle ~ Dumb Turkeys

Good 41º still raining morning. Since yesterday we've gotten " of the wet stuff~! It really came down hard yesterday afternoon and most of the night.

As I was shutting down my computer last night I noticed a post from my granddaughter, Alex. They had quite an earthquake in So. Cal last night just after 9pm. (9:09... Jerry's badge number!)  5.1 and the epicenter in the La Habra/Fullerton area. It was felt all the way in Palm Springs, ELA, Huntington Beach, San Gabriel Valley, San Bernardino, Riverside, Avalon Harbor, San Diego ......
Power outage in La Habra, water main breaks in Fullerton and some reports of looting in some areas. An apartment building evacuated. Disneyland shut down their rides and the park was not evacuated, but most everyone left as the aftershocks were predicted to be anywhere from small to HUGE! Friends Trish and Lydia in Diamond Bar had lots of broken glass, damage in every room, pictures knocked off the walls, etc. Kristen wrote that everything at her house (W.Covina) was ok. The Dodger/Angel's game was temporarily interrupted ... but the Dodgers won 5 - 4.

Today my friend Joanie McCoy is celebrating her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOANIE! Had it not been for you and 
Art living here in Oregon, Jerry and I wouldn't not have found this awesome place here in Rogue River! ♥♥♥ Now you are living in Henderson NV... you are missing out on this RAIN!!!

OMG, this came from Dave Clark (LASD ret)... will put a smile on your face. Not only did the cat/kittens/and ducklings make me smile, but so did the Irish couple with their 'darlin' accents'!!!

Historically this date........
1886 – Dr. John Pemberton brews the first batch of Coca-Cola in a backyard in Atlanta, Georgia.

1911 – The M1911 .45 ACP pistol becomes the official U.S. Army side arm.

1971 – My Lai massacreLieutenant William Calley is convicted of premeditated murder and sentenced to life in prison.

1971 – A Los Angeles, California jury recommends the death penalty for Charles Manson and three female followers.

1973 – Vietnam War: The last United States combat soldiers leave South Vietnam.

2004 – The Republic of Ireland becomes the first country in the world to ban smokingin all work places, including bars and restaurants.

And births this date include....
1790 – John Tyler, American politician, 10th President of the United States (d. 1862)

1918 – Pearl Bailey, American actress and singer (d. 1990)

1918 – Sam Walton, American businessman, founded the retailers Walmart and Sam's Club (d. 1992)

1937 – Billy Carter, American businessman, brother of Jimmy Carter (d. 1988)
..........Good old Billy Beer. I still have one can of it!

..........interesting, the drunk borrowed money from the country of Lybia and was under investigation, but I'm sure his donkey brother who was President took care of any problems!

Their last name should have been "Creepy" not Carter!

1943 – Eric Idle, English actor, writer, and composer

1965 – William Oefelein, American astronaut

What an exciting day yesterday.... rain rain rain, bill paying, prescription pick up, package pick up from PO, wine purchase. Yes. That last one was the best!

Decorah Eagles... 'mom' is incubating the eggs and should hatch between 4-1 and 4-5

All I know. Another rainy day so will stay inside. The turkeys were almost drowning yesterday, dumb birds sitting out in the downpour! Come on you dumb bunnies, get under a tree... or a bush.  

All I know. Happy Saturday. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
March 29th
National Mom & Pop Business Owner's Day

This day celebrates small business owners. These individuals spend countless hours nurturing and growing their young enterprises. The workload demands, and lack of a hired staff, often translates into long and late hours, and many missed family and personal events. But, all in all, they love what they do. After all, they are their own boss.

New businesses have always been a vital, yet not fully appreciated, part of the U.S. economy. On they retail side, they bring different and unique products to the marketplace. They provide stellar and personal service support. When you call, you are more likely to get a real, live person. And unlike big national chains, they know their products. They are outstanding performers in niche markets. In manufacturing, they create many new concepts and ideas, making them creators of new products.
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Lydia said...

GOOD morning. The birds evidently do not care about the earthquake. They are still on a mission to eat us out of house and home):-

Most of the broken glass inside is taken care of - but will be wearing shoes for a couple weeks for those strays which will show up from time to time.

Other than the toppled pots of orchids- just about everything else can wait until I'm done with taxes.

Oregon Sue said...

Glad your damage was minimal and no injuries! Dogs and cats are bothered by the quakes, but no, not the birdies!!! xo