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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Errands ~ Joke ~ TBT Bri/Alex ~ Salmon Casserole ~ Sandy & Jerome ~ Turkeys ~ Old LASD Flashlight ~ Kel-Lite History ~ Ravioli Recipes

Good 41º morning. Supposed to be a bit colder in the next few, in the high 20º's to low 30º's at night. Yesterday was beautiful. Got to the high 60º's. Let's hope today is the same.

Did errands... PetCo for dog and cat treats. They had a glass tank of ferrets who were all rolling all over each other. So funny. One wanted to be my friend. Looked so sad and stood up to the glass to get close. Don't think I need a ferret... not with the Bruise! Then to Safeway for dog and cat food, veggies, and a bottle of Merlot.

Another funny from Gar Austin... speaking of wine.....
Mother Superior called all the nuns together and said to them, "I must tell you all something. We have a case of gonorrhea in the convent."

"Thank God", said an elderly nun in the back, "I'm so tired of Chardonnay." 

Throw Back Thursday photo:
Here is my Italian son, Alex, and Brian washing windows for me..... LOL!!! Brian washed the lower half and Alex washed the upper half.  TEAMWORK!!!

This recipe came from my friend Pat Goslin. Her husband Jack was the Fire Chief in Avalon on Catalina Island. This was one of his favorites...
Salmon Casserole

cooking spray
2 small cans salmon, drained or 1 large can
about 1/4 pound crushed saltine crackers
milk or fat free 1/2 & 1/2
Spray casserole dish with cooking spray. Layer salmon and crackers. Pour milk/1/2&1/2 to cover and dot with butter. Bake uncovered 350º for about 30 minutes, but check it.

First Day of 

...also known as the Vernal Equinox.....An equinox occurs twice a year, when the tilt of theEarth's axis is inclined neither away from nor towards the Sun, the center of the Sun being in the same plane as the Earth's equator. The term equinox can also be used in a broader sense, meaning the date when such a passage happens. The name "equinox" is derived from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night), because around the equinox, the night and day have approximately equal length.

At an equinox, the Sun is at one of two opposite points on the celestial sphere where the celestial equator (i.e. declination 0) and ecliptic intersect. These points of intersection are called equinoctial points: classically, the vernal point and theautumnal point. By extension, the term equinox may denote an equinoctial point.
An equinox happens each year at two specific moments in time (rather than two whole days), when there is a location (the subsolar point) on the Earth's equator, where the center of the Sun can be observed to be vertically overhead, occurring around March 20 and September 22 each year.

On this date my friend Sandy (Todoran.. Wilson S'63) married Jerome Beck in 1982. Happy Anniversary kids!

Coming back home from Grants Pass I came in the gate and there was Mr. Tom Turkey getting laid! OMG. I sat there for a bit and then she 'had enough' ("Yipppee I'm pregnant!), fluffed out her feathers and took off.... "hey girls, guess what?"

Any of your 'old' LASD/LAPD guys/gals remember these?

This one was Jerry's. Still works! It was replaced on duty by the Kel-Lite..

The Kel-Lite was a highly-durable, weather- and shock-resistant flashlight (UK: torch), made of heavy 6061-T6 aluminium (commonly known as "aircraft aluminium"). it was developed in 1968 by Donald Keller, a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, who had tired of the lack of durability of the generically available, cheap metal flashlights of the day. It was later (1973) redesigned by Norm Nelson into the modern version with a battery charger, adjustable lens, baton lights, push button switch, and in three sizes (DKL (D-Cell Kel-Lite), MKL (Medium Head Kel-Lite), SKL (Small Head Kel-Lite)), and penlight versions. The company merged in 1983 with Streamlight. Kel-Lite had manufacturing capability and Streamlight a marketing team.
The first Kel-Lites were made in San Dimas, California in 1968. Then the company moved to Covina, California in 1970 as demand increased, and on to Barstow, California in 1973 to a larger facility with a full service machine shop, plating, assembly line and shipping department. Donald Keller left Kel-Lite in 1972 and continued designing lights, for Brinkmann, ASP, and Maglite.
Surviving Kel-Lites are still in use worldwide, with the final design by Norm Nelson (Excalibur) made by Streamlight into the early 1990s. A similar model, also designed by Keller, is still being sold as the Brinkmann Legend series of flashlights.

Historically this date...

The Republican Party, frequently called the GOP (for "Grand Old Party"), is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States, the other being theDemocratic PartyFounded by anti-slavery activists in 1854, it dominated politics nationally for most of the period from 1860 to 1932. There have been 18 Republican presidents, the first being Abraham Lincoln, serving from 1861-1865, and the most recent being George W. Bush, serving from 2001-2009.

Currently the party's platform is generally based upon American conservatism, in contrast to the Democratic Party, who endorse more liberal policies. American conservatism of the Republican Party is not wholly based upon rejection of the political ideology of liberalism, as many principles of American conservatism are based upon classical liberalism. Rather, the Republican Party's conservatism is largely based upon its support of classical principles against the modern liberalism of theDemocratic Party that is considered American liberalism in contemporary American political discourse. The history of American conservatism has been marked by tensions and competing ideologies. Fiscal conservatives and libertarians favorsmall government, low taxes, limited regulation, and free enterprise. HELLO!
1985 – Libby Riddles becomes the first woman to win the 1,135-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.
1999 – Legoland California, the only Legoland outside of Europe, opens in Carlsbad, California.
2003 – 2003 invasion of Iraq: In the early hours of the morning, the United States and three other countries begin military operations in Iraq.

And births this date include...
1906 – Ozzie Nelson, American bandleader and actor (d. 1975)

1922 – Carl Reiner, American director

1928 – Fred Rogers, American TV host (d. 2003)

1931 – Hal Linden, American actor

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Thursday. Ciao.

xo Sue Mom Bobo
March 20th
National Ravioli Day (YUMMMMM!)

Costco has a great variety of ravioli in the refrigerated section. I love the spinach and cheese and the lobster. I also like to fry the ravioli. Cook per directions. Drain and dry. Sprinkle on a little olive oil, dip in Panko crumbs, fry in hot oil. Use as an hors d'oeuvre and dip into a marinara sauce.
or.... you can make them like this lady does.... she uses Panko also, but a milk egg mixture before dipping the ravioli...
or, as she says, spritz them with olive oil and bake on a cookie sheet at 400º. I like to make ravioli lasagna, with the big raviolis instead of lasagna noodles... lots of cheese of course!

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Anonymous said...

What a grand ol party it is too having been founded in order to free the slaves and to grant black folks the full human rights they deserve! The astounding thing is now they 90 some % vote for the party who wanted them dead, the Dems! I guess if you give someone enough goodies they will follow you anywhere! So sad!

Oh yes, I remember those flashlights. Now John and I both have the high powered ones that we keep on the chargers all the time.

I had to chuckle that you got the boys to actually wash your windows! Good job, Mom!! I don't remember that ever happening in this house! lol

Hugs, XO Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

Sad T, the political lies align the population to the wrong party!

I was a lucky mom, like you, and had good children!! xo

Lydia said...

I didn't know all that about my dad's flashlight! Fun.

Glad I didn't read about ravioli earlier- I need a couple days lower cal.