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Monday, February 24, 2014

Weather ~ WD-40 ~ Photos from India ~ Dana ~ Dinner ~ Lionesses...

Good 42º summer-like cloudy morning. Supposed to stay cloudy all day and may hit 67º!! This is the "typical" Oregonad weather... shorts and a jacket!
Yesterday 3pm...

Today's WD-40 hints ....

  • Remove dog slobber from vehicle dashboards
  • Lubricate hinges of birdcage doors
  • Remove rust from dog and cat tags
  • Stop squeaks on folding animal cages

    Here are a couple of interesting photos that were taken this month by my friend Bonnie Siebert. She and her daughter Laurie were just in India on a tour... The first one is a sidewalk snake charmer... Miss Bonnie loves India and has visited there many times.

    And this is the Palace of the Winds ... I have always loved this building! Makes for a great desktop background.

    Today is a special birthday.. my friend Janie's husband Dana Alden is celebrating. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANA!
    Dana with one of the saddles he made...

    Dinner last night....
    (I know you are getting tired of the "diet" dinners, so I will add some of my old tried and true favorite recipes in the next few blogs.) First, I've been picking out a 200-230 calorie entree (portion control!) ... then I put it on top of a bowl of cut up veggies... sometimes steamed... and/or lettuce-cabbage-kale-or spinach. I can eat all the tomatoes, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, pea pods, carrots... and leafy veggies I want, because they have so few calories... celery being the least... and it really fills me up.  Here I cut up some lettuce, bell pepper, tomato, and celery. Drizzled about 1 T or less of olive oil over all, drizzled on some lemon juice, sprinkled on Mrs. Dash, and some
    garlic powder... then topped it with two slices of turkey, some stuffing and gravy. The stuffing and gravy were about the size of an ice cream scoop.

    PICTURE of the day...............    another AWWWWW......

    Historically this date...
    1863 – Arizona is organized as a United States territory.

    1868 – Andrew Johnson becomes the first President of the United States to beimpeached by the United States House of Representatives. He is later acquitted in theSenate.

    1999 – The State of Arizona executes Karl LaGrand, a German national convicted of murder during a botched bank robbery, in spite of Germany's legal action to attempt to save him.

    2008 – Fidel Castro retires as the President of Cuba after nearly fifty years.

    2011 – Final Launch of Space Shuttle Discovery (OV-103).

    And births this date include...
    1921 – Abe Vigoda, American actor
    1938 – James Farentino, American actor (d. 2012)

    1940 – Pete Duel, American actor (d. 1971)
    1942 – Joe Lieberman, American politician

    1945 – Barry Bostwick, American actor

    1947 – Edward James Olmos, American actor

    1955 – Steve Jobs, American computer pioneer (d. 2011)

    1970 – Kienast quintuplets, American quintuplets

    Here's a funny from Dave Clark (LASD ret)

    All I know. Happy Monday. Nuff said. Ciao.

    xo Sue Mom Bobo
    February 24th
    National Tortilla Chip Day

    They're common in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine. But like so many snack foods, tortilla chips are an American invention, having originated in the Los Angeles area in the 1940s. Try your hand at one of CDK's easy recipes for homemade tortilla chips, along with our simple yet delicious salsa or guacamole recipes. Or prepare a deluxe plate of nachos that's completely made from scratch!


    Lydia said...

    The makers of WD40 should put you on their payroll.

    One of the most dangerous appliances in my arsenal is the baby fryer- used mostly to make tortilla chips. As delicious as they are fattening.

    Oregon Sue said...

    Lydia, LOL!!!

    Anonymous said...

    The Green Chili Cheese Crisps sound yummy! I wonder if you fry the tortillas whole or cut them up? Mmmmm! Love T&g

    Oregon Sue said...

    Tammy. sounds like you fry them whole and then stack them up...