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Saturday, February 22, 2014

5 Miles ~ Binding Recipes ~ Cyndi and Joan & Teresa and Annette ~ Crazy Bruiser

Good 35º cloudy morning. Low clouds, hanging on the tops of the trees. Looks like the weekend will be good....

Today is the 22nd .... George Washington's birthday. This is the day Brian was "due". We had a big earthquake in So. Cal in 1971 on February 9th, called the Sylmar Earthquake. That prompted Brian to show up early... on the 14th and not wait for the 22nd!

OMG, feels so good to be back on Hal, my big computer. Even picked up a new keyboard and mouse.... Ahhhh....Comfortable keyboard with padding. Like it. It has little thingys on the bottom that prop up the top end.

While Hal was in the "shop" with Turk, I did a few other projects... one was to take bunches of recipes I have copied off the internet and taken out of magazines and bind them...

The weather has been ok, gloomy, but ok. Got to 61º yesterday with the sun peeking in and out from the clouds.

Since the computer was down I missed out on wishing Cyndi Moreno (wife of the infamous Pete...LASD ret) Happy Birthday on the 20th. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CYNDI!!!
This picture taken on a cruise to Vancouver from SF ... Cyndi was saying "Don't take my picture" ! HA~! Like that ever stopped me..... 

Today is my friend Joan Knoeppel's birthday. I got to know Joan at my vet's office. She's one of those neat people who loves your pet as much (well, close) as you do. She has a twin sister, Teresa, and together they are celebrating this infamous day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADIES!!!

 (Joan on left, Teresa on right)

 This is how I know Joan, by her smile!
It was great to see you Wednesday at Brian's office. Enjoy your birthday with Teresa!!!!

Today is also the birthday of my friend 'Rico Suave' Escalante's bride, Annette. Happy Birthday Annette! Rico works at the LASD BC Pistol Range in ELA.

Yesterday I looked out and there was Bruiser wayyyyyy up in the pasture... on a hunt. I waved to him and he immediately 10-22'd the "hunt" and ran back to me~! What a guy!!!

He climbed through the fence in the 'soon to be renovated garden' and ran up on the porch and rubbed on my legs!

All I know. Happy Saturday. Nuff said. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
February 22nd



Anonymous said...

LOL My John III was DUE on the 14the but didn't come until exactly a week later on the 21st. (Yesterday) Eric was exactly a week late too but in October.

Sounds like your keyboard is like mine. It's a Logitech eurgonomic with the little tabs in the front to slightly tilt it up. Lydia sat down to use it the other day and said Oh I love your keyboard! :) Very comfy!

Anyway, glad to have you back!

XO Trisha

Anonymous said...

glad to have our link to home back !

Oregon Sue said...

Yes, T, our keyboards sound alike. Thanks, glad to be back! xoxo

Joan K said...

Thank you Sue! And great to see you at Brians. I love your son almost as much as you do he is the best, and of course your 4 legged kids. Glad to have you back on blog duty. AND being national margarita day is so appropriate since Teresa and I are the maggie queens out on our annual trail ride. Our camp is known as Margaretville and I will toast to your beloved Maggie tonight at cocktail hour! xoxoxo!

Oregon Sue said...

Thanks so much Joan!!!! xoxoxo Hope your day is fabulous. I'll toast to you tonight too! xo

BillandTeresa said...

Thanks Sue, my "womb mate" Joanie and I are the BIG SIX OH ! TODAY !!!!!!

Wowwy zowwy !!! At least we are doing it on National Margarita Day !!!!

Love our Joanie ❤️