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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oak Titmouse ~ Debbie & Tom ~ Mr. Hippo ~ Jelly Bean Day!

Good 48º sunny morning. GAAAAAA.... it's 89% humidity!! I hate to perspire, first thing in the morning!!!!

Earth Day. Whatever...............................

Yesterday, Gary our Rogue River resident Birdman (he knows birds and builds awesome birdhouses!) told me that the bird I tried to get a picture of wasn't a Nuthatch, but an Oak Titmouse...

This species lives year-round on the Pacific slope, resident from southern Oregon south through California west of the Sierra Nevada to Baja California, but its range surrounds the central San Joaquin Valley. It prefers open woodlands of warm, dry oak and oak-pine at low to mid-elevations but can also be found in forests as long as adequate oak trees are present.

The Oak Titmouse sleeps in cavities or in dense foliage. When roosting in foliage, the titmouse chooses a twig surrounded by dense foliage or an accumulation of dead pine needles, simulating a roost in a cavity.

The Oak Titmouse mates for life, and pairs defend year-round territories. Most titmice find a mate in their first fall. Those that do not are excluded from territories and must live in marginal habitat until they find a vacancy.

The Oak Titmouse, unlike other members of the family, does not form flocks in winter.

Today is the 34th wedding anniversary of our friends, Tom and Debbie Flores. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KIDS!
(Taken at their wedding fiesta in Mexico. Naaaa... not really, taken at Debbie's Cinco de Mayo birthday party last year!)


I mowed for 2 hours yesterday (need to do it for about another 3 hours!). I'm thinking I mowed maybe 1 1/2 acres. OMG, it was hot~!~!~ Hit 87º and humid as all get out! Sweating...... a lot. Then I worked in the raised beds and pulled weeds and cleaned them up. WORN OUT!~ Chair. Wine. Rest. Today I'm heading to The Grange to get some fake wasp nests. They are supposed to keep the yellow jackets away. I have already baited traps for the yellow guys, but want to do something more. They are so annyoying~!

Click here: wasp nest decoys - Rocky Mountain Gardening Forum - GardenWeb

Maggie wasn't happy with the sudden heat also, but the cut grass was a cool place to rest...

and I could see Mr. Hippo again...

Historically this date....
1864 – The U.S. Congress passes the Coinage Act of 1864 that mandates that the inscription In God We Trust be placed on all coins minted as United States currency.

1970 – The first Earth Day is celebrated.

2008 – The United States Air Force retires the remaining F-117 Nighthawk aircraft in service.

And births this date include...
1832Julius Sterling Morton, Arbor Day founder (d. 1902)
... so fine, they make Earth Day on his birthday! Geeeesh...

1906Eddie Albert, American actor (d. 2005)

1936Glen Campbell, American musician

1937Jack Nicholson, American actor

6:30 pm last night and out there to take some pictures... Thinking, 'where are all those people in that jet plane going?'...

Chives have come back up....... Mmmm...... so good on so many things....

A freshly filled bird feeder makes Mr. Woodpecker happy...

I see you, mom.... you and that camera!

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Sunday.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
April 22nd
National Jelly Bean Day (!!!)

National Girl Scout Leader's Day
In God We Trust Day

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Lydia said...

The oak titmouse looks like it has been playing with the Pillsbury boy):-