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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Harley's 21st Birthday ~ Davy Jones ~ LOVE Peanut Butter

Good 33º snowy morning. Snow mostly melted yesterday by afternoon....

Before it did the geese were just sitting out in it!

Today is Harley's 21st birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my old cranky kitty! Of course my vet said if I was 140 years old I'd be cranky too!

Here he is in one of his favorite spots (the other two being the back of my chair when I sit at the computer and the other is my lap when I'm in my comfy chair in the front room) ....

The sun comes in the dining room window and he gets all warm and snuggy!

**Retraction** The coffee I bought Tuesday at Target was not 'strawberry chocolate' it is called 'El Salvador Buena Vista'

This video came from Cyndi Morneo....OMG cute!!

Historically this date.....
1803Ohio is admitted as the 17th U.S. state.

1867Nebraska becomes the 37th U.S. state; Lancaster, Nebraska is renamed Lincoln and becomes the state capital.

1910 – The worst avalanche in United States history buries a Great Northern Railway train in northeastern King County, Washington, killing 96 people.

1912Albert Berry makes the first parachute jump from a moving airplane.

1936 – The Hoover Dam is completed.

1953Joseph Stalin suffers a stroke and collapses. He dies four days later.

1971 – A bomb explodes in a men's room in the United States Capitol: the Weather Underground claims responsibility.

Sadly Davy Jones of The Monkees fame passes away Wednesday at age 66 from a heart attack. "Hey hey we're the Monkees" !! Great music. Great times. RIP Davy!

Here is a video of The Monkees theme song. (It made me cry. They were fun!)

And births this date include....
1810Frédéric Chopin, Polish composer (d. 1849)

1904 – Glenn Miller, American bandleader (d. 1944)

1910 – David Niven, English actor (d. 1983)

1934 – Joan Hackett, American actress (d. 1983)

1935Robert Conrad, American actor

1946 – Lana Wood, American actress

1947Alan Thicke, Canadian actor and songwriter

1954 – Ron Howard, American actor and director

1967 – George Eads, American actor

1969Javier Bardem, Spanish actor

1994Justin Bieber, Canadian pop star

Here is a very interesting interactive 2010 census map my friend Judy Duvalle sent me.... hover the cursor over any state and then county and the stats pop up. You can zoom in on specific areas and get more detailed information. See the + and - at the top of the page.

So, between 9pm (when I was fully awake) and 1am (had to let Maggs out to pee) it snowed again!

It seems to be melting already. Oh wait! Snow is coming down again! Our summit is snowed in. NO movement and on the California side as well at Hilt...

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Thursday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
March 1st
Peanut Butter Lover's Day

That kid had a ball! And on a spoon right out of the jar is my favorite way to eat peanut butter!!
1895: The Kellogg brothers patented the process of preparing peanut butter with steamed nuts. Today the nuts are roasted, and the peanut butter is much tastier.

.... and

National Pig Day
Proud to be a pig!


Anonymous said...


My older than Harley Vinnie sends Birthday Greetings to him. :) Vinnie doesn't want it known that he's well over 140, has slowed down but still going strong. :)

Peanut better day is right up my alley. They make a peanut butter pie in the Osarks that just can't be beat.

Go Harley, Go! XO E.

Oregon Sue said...

Thanks Vinnie! Hang in there dude!
Mmmmmm, peanut butter pie!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR OLD HARLEY!! So cute and may he have many more!

Love the deputy pic! So true!

Funny because I am going to be eating peanut butter on my banana this morning. My fav way to eat it. It's yummy with chocolate too!
mmmm Reeses Peanut Butter Cup!!

Have a good one!
XOX Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

I couldn't agree more, T, about peanut butter, in fact I just purchased a Betty Crocker Reeces's Dessert Bar Mix! Can't wait to try it. xo

Lydia said...

Happy Birthday, Harley! May you and THE dog be in good health for the following year.