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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Costco Rollers ~ Full Pond ~ Hiding Cat ~ Comfy Maggie

Good 39º somewhat cloudy morning.

Rain predicted but so far staying to the south of us...

Ok, sorry about that doggie video not working yesterday. Don't know what the problem was. But.... here is one of a baby who hears for the first time after some surgery....
OMG, he is sooooo precious!

Yesterday I went to Costco. On the way there I stopped at The Image Connection, my beauty shop ..."beauty" is a misnomer, it's where I get my hair cut! Anyway the girls needed laundry detergent and paper towels. Glad I could save someone a trip (60 miles round trip) I got Maggie's dental chews, Milk Bones, black rice for Jeannie, and picked up some Turkey Swiss Rollers...

They also have crispy lettuce and tomato and cream cheese. REALLY GOOD! Jeannie suggested I put some Baconnaise on them too. OMG! That was dinner along with some of my homemade hummus and veggies....

Maggs and I got out the golf cart and went to Dave & PJ's to water plants and feed the koi. Then we went up to our pond to check on it... filled to over flowing!


I know I told you I have been leaving food out for the feral cat whom I have renamed Casper since the food disappears and I never see him! Well he showed up yesterday afternoon, got scared when he heard me and skedaddled into the trees...

As of late, a kit fox (I'm thinking because of color and size) has shown up to finish off anything left for the cat. He/she shows up about 9pm. Hard to get his/her picture, as I have to turn on the porch light and it runs away. But when undisturbed, it finishes all the food and licks the bowls! I leave out dry and wet food. Some day...............................

Historically this date....
1944Ardeatine Massacre: German troops kill 335 Italian civilians in Rome.

1944 – World War II: In an event later dramatized in the movie The Great Escape, 76 prisoners begin breaking out of Stalag Luft III.

1958 – Rock'N'Roll teen idol Elvis Presley is drafted in the U.S. Army.

And births this date include....
1874Harry Houdini, (Erik Weisz), Hungarian-born magician (d. 1926)

1909Clyde Barrow, American criminal (d. 1934)
Interesting read...

1930 – Steve McQueen, American actor (d. 1980)
A US Marine and a war hero!

1944R. Lee Ermey, American actor

1954 – Donna Pescow, American actress


1976 – Peyton Manning, American football player
Manning to the Broncos and Tebow to the Jets. Will be an interesting football season!

Went looking for Maggie last evening.... found her! LOL.

All I know. Nuff said. Happy Saturday. Ciao
xo Sue Mom Bobo
March 24th
National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day


Anonymous said...

Maggie looks so very cute on your bed! "Come on Mom, let's go to bed".
So glad the baconnaise was good on your roll ups, sounded good to me.
Thanks for picking up the rice for me. You are always thinking/and doing for others! You're the best.
Going to go soak up some rays so chat later. Have a wonderful day. xo

Oregon Sue said...

I guess I'm hooked, Baconnaise is good on just about EVERYTHING! Enjoy the sunshine! Windy as all get out here and more clouds moving in. Yeah, rain!!! xo

Anonymous said...

"baby who hears for the first time after some surgery" ....That is truly precious. Thanks for sharing that.
Ronald Lee Ermey .. We used to enjoy his "Mail Call", but haven't been able to find it for quite a while. Every once in a while, when there is some military or Marine action, some of the talk show hosts on the radio have him on to explain things for us, the layman.
Looks like Maggie has found a good place for a nap :) What a girl!
Have a great day. Erika

Anonymous said...


Yup! The rain is headed down here to So. Cal! Should be here tomorrow! Oh fine! Just when some of us are going to a dress up affair! Hate to be bothered with an umbrella!
Years ago the boys gave dad a "talking" Marine doll. It's Ermey's voice and he's yelling some obscene words as in D.I. drill! lol It's too funny!
Now to go back and see the baby video. Know I'm gonna love it!

Have a good day! XO Trisha