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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rain ~ Pizza Bake ~ Mellie ~ WINE!

Good 35º cloudy non-frozen morning! Some rain in the last 12 hours... about 6/100ths of an inch. So "they" are safe with their prediction of 80% chance of rain. Looks like maybe..... more....

Looked like this all day yesterday....

And the geese stopped by.....

How does this sound? Pepperoni Pizza Bake:

1 can (16.3 oz) Pillsbury Grands Homestyle refrigerated biscuits
1 can (8 oz) pizza sauce
2 cups finely shredded mozzarella cheese
16 slices pepperoni
1. Cut each biscuit into 8 pieces, toss with pizza sauce and 1 cup of the cheese
2. Spread biscuit mixture in an 9x13 inch baking dish. Top
with pepperoni and remaining cheese.
3. Bake at 375º for 22-28 minutes or until golden brown and bubbly.

I would say you could also add pizza toppings that you like most. Toss it all together.
Ok, another thing, 9-13 is pretty big for one or two people, so I would use a 9x9 pan, and if all the biscuits don't fit, save them for later and fold them over a piece of cheese and bake them or cut them up and toss them with sugar and cinnamon and bake for breakfast.

Today is the special birthday of my niece, Melinda Plumbridge.... Pretty girl. Talented artist. Friend.

Here is a picture of Mel in Ephesus Turkey when we traveled to Greece, Turkey, and Rhodes a couple of years ago.

Mel art is phenomenal... you can see her paintings at:
♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥HAPPY♥BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUU♥¸¸.•*¨♥†♥†♥ ♥†♥†♫♪ ♪♫•♥♥†♥†♥ ♥†♥†♥ ♥♪♫•*•♫♪ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥♥†♥†♥ ♥HAPPY♥♪♫•♥BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUU DEAR MELLLIEEEEE†♥†♥ ♥†♥†♥HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUU......♥†♥†♫♪ ♪♫•♥♥†♥†♥  

Historically this date...
1911 – The first official flight with air mail takes place in Allahabad, British India, when Henri Pequet, a 23-year-old pilot, delivers 6,500 letters to Naini, about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) away.

1954 – The first Church of Scientology is established in Los Angeles, California.

1979Snow falls in the Sahara Desert in southern Algeria for the only time in recorded history.

2001 – Seven-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Dale Earnhardt dies in an accident during the Daytona 500.

And births this date include....
1919Jack Palance, American actor (d. 2006)

1925 – George Kennedy, American actor

1950 – Cybill Shepherd, American actress

1954 – John Travolta, American actor

All I know. Happy Saturday. Ciao.
xo Sue Mom Bobo
February 18th
National Drink Wine Day
I always drink wine alone or with someone!


Anonymous said...

Amazing that they have a "National drink wine day". I'm in! Cheers.
Happy Saturday to you too. xo

Oregon Sue said...

Cheers back. 4 o'clock! xo

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aunt sue - Luv you too M.

Oregon Sue said...

You are so welcome birthday girl!

Anonymous said...

That pizza looks like something the grandkids would like to try. Thanks. Marie

Oregon Sue said...

Not only them, me too!!!

Anonymous said...


Robyn loves "pep" pizza. I'm going to try this half and half style. Have her and half mine (flk. olives and sweet Italian sausage...can hardly wait. Looks sooooo good and easy. Drool button engaged. Thanks for the recipe..already have ingredients. XO Edda

Oregon Sue said...

Anxious to hear about your "pizza", E ! xoox

Anonymous said...

Sue, Pizza Bake sounds like something even I can make........sounds YUMMIE TOO! Thanks love your recipes.......xoxo Sally

Anonymous said...

Yipppee! Happy Drink Wine Day? Hell, that's every day for me!! LOL
I do love the looks and sound of that Pizza bake but have to avoid anything with pork for Becky. How about hamburger instead of the pepp? Any other suggestions?

XO Trisha

Oregon Sue said...

Oh Trish, you could add anything that floats your boat... chicken, beef, turkey.... You could even use canned chicken or what about tuna? xo

Anonymous said...

Went to the Art page...
The first one looks like God's hands are holding the Sun.
Beautiful. The rest are very pretty as well.

Thanks for sharing.